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NIKE Power Distance Series Golf Balls

NIKE Power Distance Series Golf Balls

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NIKE Power Distance Series Golf Balls
Product Description
NIKE Power Distance Golf Balls...Power Up Your Game!

Every swing is different, but the desire to hit it long is the same for everybody. NIKE Precision Power Distance golf balls are designed to enhance your specific launch conditions to maximize distance and control.

NIKE Power Distance Series Golf Balls feature: Soft Perfect for slower swing speeds and those who want overall softer feel 2-piece distance golf ball design Low-compression core provides softer feel with 348 dimple aerodynamics Provides long distance off slower swings Softened ionomer cover provides effortless distance Enhanced greenside feel Color: White Long Optimized for players with higher swing speeds and a booming drive 2-piece design distance golf ball design Cover is designed to reduce drag for more distance off the tee with 402 dimple aerodynamics High-velocity polybutadiene core designed to increase ball speed Delivers long, powerful drives Durable ionomer cover and optimized aerodynamics Produces a penetrating flight and added roll Colors: Orange White Yellow

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